Saturday, April 11, 2009

YEah.. Just had PARTY at MOS this thursday...
WOhoo.. the feeling is so different with the previous one...
*PLace we sit is different... Last time is the ulu-ulu place... like nobody business place... this time.. OHyeah.. just beside the dance floor... guys can gap lui.. gal can gap zai... good??
*The music is really different if compare to last time.. LAst time all is tranzz and all music but not songs... this time.. i still can listen Britney Spears - Circus there....
Going there with the bunch for Shyen's birthday celebration... Meet CJ & Sam there.. n this time we had another new kakis - Zhen Zhong from kepong.. da hard core... ^^
Really have fun that night.. Suddenly feel young & fresh after half a year... now i can say.. I LOVE MOS...!! =D

HapPy 20th BirThday Xin, SHyen, Victor, Esther.... We all miss u here... TAKE CARE..!!

HApPY 5th month aniversary dear... Hugzzz n Muacks !!

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